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Who we are

Baidya Sapient Olympiad has been in the field of conducting Olympiad exams since 2013 and as of now, more than thousands of students have participated in different subjects Olympiads with More than twenty schools' students participates in these Olympiads every year. Our exams' difficulty level and unique pattern of papers make us different from other. We provide a certificate of participation to all students, medals and trophies to rank holders. If you want your child to be next Einstein, Shakespeare or Ramanujan, enrol him for different Olympiad in BS Olympiad and see a new genius emerging.

Our Mission

We believe that every child is god-gifted and has distinct calibre, all we need to recognise it, nurture it and provide ample academic support and we see the child shining academically. Taking into consideration such facts, we provide Olympiad exams for the young genius so that through such platforms these genius get ample expose to the competitive world and prepare well in advance so that at the time of real competition they do not feel unpreparedness.

Why Olympiad

In today's era, merely sending your ward to a good convent school and enrolling him/her for coaching classes is not adequate. In almost all schools, today emphasis is given on scoring marks via conventional teaching methods and at best some schools use Smart classes but that only focus on covering syllabus, therefore, students are not encouraged to think out of the box. Their thinking remains narrow and they just run after for marks through rote learning. However, participating in Olympiads, ensure that they get ample knowledge of the subjects. Below are some important reasons why you should enrol your child for Olympiad exams.

  • Olympiad exams help students for competition and make them ready to confront all competitive challenges that would be thrown open to them in the future.
  • Good rank in the Olympiad certainly builds confidence in the students and motivate him/her to gain more deep knowledge of the subjects.
  • Olympiad Exams consist of conceptual and tricky questions that help students comprehend topics well and eventually augment students' academic performance.
  • Olympiad exams directly or indirectly assist a student to prepare for IIT-JEE exam in which students are tested on deep knowledge of different subjects.
  • Olympiad Exams encourage students to think innovatively, beyond conventional methods and out of the box that nurtures their thinking capabilities.
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